New technology in dentistry

People have always wanted a perfect smile and beautiful teeth. This wasn’t always possible. Today, we have modern dentistry, and we can create practically everything. For example, there are different methods and techniques for repairing and extracting teeth if you can’t save them. For example, there is a method called non-traumatic removing. This method is very popular because once the tooth is removed; you won’t have any swelling or pain. This is a wonderful thing because you won’t have to use medication for your pain. The deal is you will divide then tooth into pieces. Once you do that, you will extract and remove piece by piece. There won’t be any trauma on the tissue, and of course, there won’t be any swelling or complications. Swelling is nothing more than a defense for a newly created trauma. As you can see this can be avoided.

Other breakthroughs

The same thing goes for materials and of course for surgical methods. Removing wisdom teeth can be a problem. Well, not for dental surgeons. They will get it out don’t worry. The non-traumatic extraction could also be applied here. Wisdom teeth are bigger, and this is a must when you want to get them out. Dividing them into segments, you can easily remove them without the trauma to the tissue. And of course, there are some new anesthetics that can be applied locally. They are so strong that you won’t feel your head or at least part of it for a few hours. It is advised not to use total anesthesia unless you have a problem with your patient. If the patient is frightened or if you need to perform surgery on a child, it is advised to use total anesthesia. You can guess why.


There have been a lot of breakthroughs in modern dentistry. New materials, new techniques, and many other things. Each day we have discoveries and, we need to explore them. Being a good dentist is a must and keep in mind that if you are good, you will earn a lot of money.

About the Author Jonathan Springer