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Does tooth loss affect dietary intake and nutritional status?

The first thing you will ask yourself is the fact that you are losing teeth and what can you do to prevent it. When a dentist removes your tooth, the logical question will be something about your food and diet. If you, however, lose all your teeth, the only option for you is to take the food which can be chewy, and of course, soft meals are something logical. If you lose your teeth, there is always a solution. You could have artificial teeth, and of course, you could install new ones. If you didn’t lose all of your teeth, then you are ready for a blast. The dentist can add some new teeth to your jaw. There are different materials you can choose, and of course, the people around you won’t even see the difference. This is the best option because the new teeth are put directly into the jaw.

There is an option to wear a brace that will have a complete set of teeth. This option is for those people who had lost all of their teeth. This is a really bad situation, and of course, they will usually choose all in one situation. If you have lost a couple of teeth, you can easily choose several options to install.

Choosing the best option

Once you see the situation, you will have to decide with your patient. This is an easy decision, and of course, you will have to give some options. Keep in mind that there are some diet changes for people that have lost all their teeth. First of all, they shouldn’t chew hard food because the braces could fall off. The next thing they should watch out is the fact that some crumpets could get in between the braces.


Choosing the right diet and choosing the best solution for your patient is a must. Every story has different remedies, and the best thing to do is to estimate the outcome of every situation. People who have lost all their teeth will have to change their diet, but that is not a big deal.